Social Science – Sociology Assignment

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Read chapters 9 Change and 10 Sexualities

· Must at least 4 pages long (could be more). Dedicate at least one page to each assigned chapter (there will be two chapters assigned weekly), and at least one page for your reaction/reflections.

· Must have an introduction, body, and conclusion.

· Must be formatted correctly (Time New Roman, 12pts font, double space, etc.) 

· Must be written in either MLA, APA, or Chicago Style Format

· Must include proper citations (for direct quotes or paraphrased sections)

For each paper, you will include a summary of each assigned chapter and your personal reaction/reflections. You may address the following:

· How have the assigned readings challenged your assumptions? Why? How?

· Can you relate to the information presented? Explain (for instance, reflect on your upbringing, cultural/familial expectations, etc.

· Provide an example of a place in the world where individuals share similar experiences or challenges. Describe commonalities and differences between groups.

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