Social science m7: picture comparison – assignment

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Picture Comparison – Assignment


  1. Compare two images: Swing Dancers and Bebop performance. The images are found in the “Bebop” Module 7 online introductory materials.
  2. Consider both the musicians and members of the audience and answer the following questions:
    1. What can you conclude regarding changes from the Swing Era to the Bebop period?
    2. Which musicians seem to be more intently involved in their performance?
    3. Which audience seems to be getting the most enjoyment from the music.
    4. Why do you suppose the size of the musical ensemble changed from the Swing era to the bebop period?
  3. Base your responses on your readings, and what you observe in these photographs.
  4. Typed all responses in the Word .docx, save the file, and then upload the file
  5. Upload your file by clicking Start Assignment, Upload your file, then click Submit Assignment. Your work will run through Turn-It-In to check for plagiarism and use of AI, including tools like Chat GPT and Grammerly. So do not use these and other AI tools to check for grammar, paraphrase or translate.

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