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please fix and add a paragraph on the following instructions:

  • An
    excellent paper will incorporate the definitions from the course such
    as cultural diffusion, ethnocentrism, cultural relativism, and
    assimilation or any of the other terms as they are appropriate to the
    paper that demonstrates that the student has read and engaged the
    reading materials and applied it to their interview case study.
  • Include a paragraph using the textbook and course materials discussing how culture is formed and determined.
  • Demonstrate how ethnography is a primary research method for Symbolic Interactionism.

2. please fix this paper with this instructions:

  • Define the terms in your own words while citing sources in the textbook and other course materials.
  • Examine
    how this is an important element of American history in the development
    of a diverse culture, while at the same time increasing social
  • Include
    a description of how Affirmative Action has reformed some of the
    discrimination and racism in the United States while also enhancing
    social distance.
  • Attempt
    to align your findings with Structural Functionalism, Conflict
    Perspective, and/or Symbolic Interactionism. (Note: You are not just to
    copy what Parilla’s conclusions are here).
  • You may also add your own experiences to how these things have affected your lives and community.

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