Snow crash and the Future of Capitalism

E5J1: Snow crash and the Future of Capitalism

200 -250 words


Capitalism and the free market has often been a driving force of the American and now the world economy. At the same time, there has been a steady increase in the wealth of a very few individuals and a widening gap between the wealth and the average citizen. Very little has been done to diminish either poverty in America or the world in general. At the same time, many politicians and organizations are for increased privatization of things, like K-12 education, to make them more efficient through what they imagine is more competition. Snow Crash extend this trend toward privatization to the extreme. Government has virtually collapsed and everything is run privately, but by franchises. In effect, the nation state has been replaced by a preponderance of city states or corporate franchises. What do you think of this future imagined by Neal Stephenson? Is this a realistic possibility for the world economy? Why or why not? What would the impact of privatization be on the average citizen? On the poor? On the wealthy? Is there hope for the poor and marginalized people of the world?

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