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Crohn’s disease

Do a continuation of this slide for nursing intervention, medication, clients education, and 1 NCLEX question pertaining to the disease with rationale(answer and explain)

Crohn’s Disease

Lean Gumin

Raimot Sarumi

Crohn’s disease

Chronic disease of the digestive system

One of the inflammatory bowel disease (IBD), another one is ulcerative colitis

Cell lining of the bowel (usually small intestine or ileum is inflamed, this lead to erosion of the tissue and bleeding.

Can cause inflammation and ulceration within any region of the digestive tract.


Exact Etiology is unknown, but hypothesis suggests that it is an autoimmune disease that attacks individuals with genetic susceptibility.

Found to be influenced by environmental exposures that affect that natural balance of the gut flora.

It was believed that the gut flora, gut immune response, and genetic predisposition, all work together with the environmental factors to develop Crohn’s disease.

It can also be from bacterial or viral infection

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Assess for abdominal pain, abdominal tenderness especially on the RLQ.

Assess for weight loss

Profuse diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, and bloating

Bloody stools or steatorrhea may also occur

Anal sores, hemorrhoids, fistulas

Assess for possible complications such as dehydration, nutrional deficiencies, hemorrhage, bowel perforation, or bowel obstruction, acute peritonitis, colon cancer


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Anti-inflammatory drugs

Immunosuppressant and biologic drugs




Nutrition therapy to treat malnutrition


NCLex Question

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1. What part of the digestive tract is mainly affected in Crohn’s disease

A. Stomach

B. Small intestine

Large intestine


Answer: B small intestine.

Cell lining of the small intestine or terminal ileum is the most affected in Crohn’s Disease. Any region can be affected and can cause inflammation or ulcers.

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