slave and globalization

An important part of this course is learning how we are increasingly connected to people from all around the world. We always have been but the globalization of the world economy continues to increase our connections to people in most countries of the world. If you take some time to explore the tags on all your clothes, you will quickly learn that people in many parts of the world, made the clothes you wear. What does it mean that we wear clothes made by people in China? Guatemala? Pakistan? Hondoras? Mexico? I hope this activity will help you think about some of these connections and what they mean to you.

there are 31 slaves work for me. Be sure to write a paragaph and explain how this relates to the concept of globalization (you might want to review the definition in your textbook found in the last chapter).

answer the question at least 200 words, use simple language and words!

Due on 04/10/2017 6am

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