similarities between The Beatles song and the Radiohead song

I need two replies – 150 words each.

Listen again to Tomorrow Never Knows and then listen to the song by the group Radiohead, Bloom.  The second song was recorded in 2011.  Choose a couple of these questions to respond to and feel free to make any other observations that occur to you.

Radiohead Bloom:

-Do you hear any similarities between The Beatles song and the Radiohead song?  For example: is there a repeating drum beat or bass line?  How about the guitar and piano riffs, are they looping?  Do you hear a progression of chords or is the harmony static (unmoving)?

-Do you hear any differences between The Beatles song and the Radiohead song?

-Bloom is a whole series of “Tape” loops, do you think it works as a “song”?

-Radiohead is notably for being a commercially successful band while still incorporating many experimental sounds and recording techniques into their music.  Do you think this kind of approach belongs in rock or popular music?

-Many attribute the sounds and approaches on Tomorrow Never Knows for influencing loop based music, like this song by Radiohead, and the Studio as Instrument approach to recording.  Do you agree?  Do a quick search on the internet for Tomorrow Never Knows.

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