Significance and Nature of the Issue

Human Rights Issue & Perceptions Report:​Significance and Nature of the Issue
The second assignment of the Human Rights Issues Research Project is a 5-7 page (1500 – 2100 words) paper that focuses on two aspects of the project. First, you will discuss the nature of the human rights issue, the details of how it occurs in various countries or cultures in the world, and the core problems associated with it. Second, you will discuss/analyze the results of the survey that you conducted. What patterns or anomalies seem to exist in the survey results that you obtained? That is,

1. What are the key elements, dynamics and manifestations of the issue that would lead to the conclusion that it is a substantial global human rights concern/problem?
2. What specific cases, situations or examples exist?
3. What seem to be people’s perceptions or knowledge about the issue?
​​A complete bibliography of all sources consulted should be included.

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