Short Research. 538

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This is a two part forum assignment.

Part I
Research Assignment: Conduct “non”-textbook Internet/WWW research to locate an actual Theft of Trade Secrets, Industrial Espionage or Economic Espionage case to thoroughly report to the class. Details of your selected case should ideally include (in some selected cases you may not be able to include each of the following points of information): 1. How would you classify this case? Theft of Trade Secrets, Industrial Espionage or Economic Espionage? What are the factors/specifics that cause you to classify into a certain category (ToTS, IE or EE)? 2. How was the espionage detected? 3. What entity investigated the espionage? 4. What vulnerabilities contributed to the loss of sensitive information? 5. What could have been done (countermeasures) to prevent the disclosure? 6. What was the loss &/or damage? 7. Criminal &/or civil prosecution? Is so, what were the formal/actual charges? 8. Were the results of the criminal &/or civil prosecution/litigation? 9. What lessons did you take away from this case?

Part II
Select “one” salient point from Chapters 3 or 4 of the Nasheri text to relate to the class. Succinctly state the point and thoroughly explain why you thought your chosen point was important.

Part Two Special Note: To clarify, part two is simply asking you to select and explain a “key/significant point” (aka salient point) from your reading. It is “your” choice (there is no right or wrong answer) what you consider an important point made in your reading. However, know you should first “succinctly” identify the specific point. Then explain its importance and relevance – essentially, justify your selection of the point

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