SEU Whole Food Case Study

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Assignment Question(s):

1.What label would best describe the type of team that Whole Foods uses in its stores? Explain. 

2.Describe the advantages and disadvantages of Whole Foods’ hiring process with respect to managing team composition.

3.What steps could Whole Foods take to mitigate potential disadvantages of their hiring process? 


Discussion questions: Please read Chapter 13 & 14 “Leadership; Power and Negotiation & Leadership; Styles and Behaviours” carefully and then give your answers on the basis of your understanding.

4.Think about the last serious conflict you had with a co-worker or group member. How was that conflict resolved?

Which approach did you take to resolve it? 

5.Consider the four dimensions of transformational leadership: idealized influence, inspirational motivation, intellectual stimulation, and individualized consideration. Which of those dimensions would you respond to most favourably? Why? 

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