SEU Module 05 Performance Management at Saudi Arabian Airlines Case Study

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choose any Saudi Arabian company in which you are familiar, but not ARAMCO. Research the specific goals or objectives of the organization over the next 5 years, along with the main principles of a performance management system, and then address the following questions:

Give a brief review of the organization you have chosen.

State the 3-4 most important goals/objectives for the organization over the next five years.

As mentioned above, the key to an effective performance management system is to directly tie organizational goals with an employee’s specific goals. If that employee accomplishes those goals, then the organization has an opportunity (collectively) to reach its overall goals/objectives. Given that statement, choose any position you are familiar with in that organization. They develop 3 goals that the person in that position must accomplish over the next years in order to be successful in their position and, as a result, that would allow the organization to be successful. 

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