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think about it! why do you get out of bed in the morning? most of you have to scramble through the morning routine: babies and work and homework and family and shopping and…… and then, on top of it all, you set your eyes on a college degree? if your answer is because you want to be the best that you can be (without going to the army:-) just in case that sounded like a commercial you know:-) and if you are trying to work hard to reach your potential…. then, according to maslow, and i agree, you are considered the one percent of the population that arrived at the highest human need that is on top of his hierarchy of needs: self actualization.

now that i got you exited (yes, there is a name for people like you, self actulaizers!!!!) lets explore the various theories that explain to us why we do the things we do. please explain to me how have instinct, drive, arousal, and incentive theorists deal with the question of motivation? how does Maslow’s “pyramid” tie the different human needs together into a hierarchy? and why is all that important for our psychological wellbeing.

Due June 27 chapter 8

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