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Film Assignment Instructions: (1) Discuss two specific topics that you found interesting/learned from the film and (2) Connect each topic to specific concepts, theories, examples, or ideas from the assigned book chapter. Each homework assignment should be approximately two (2) pages double spaced in length (approximately one page per topic).

Paper Format: All uploaded assignments must be typed and double-spaced with a 12-point Times New Roman font and one-inch margins. See MLA Handbook for citation format. Also, please keep a copy of all final drafts for your records.

Guiding questions (not required to answer):

  • Per the title of the film: what happens when the rich get richer?
  • How do you think the socioeconomic upheaval happening in the U.S. and Europe affects your life (e.g. economic situation)?
  • What role do investors and political officials play in developing the future of the nation-state?
  • How did Walmart impact Janet Sparks’ small business and subsequent cuts to “operational expenses”?
  • Who is achieving the American Dream, regardless of meritocracy or hard work?
  • Are cities becoming “gated communities”?
  • The seven stories highlight poverty, stress, debt, addiction, homelessness, anxiety, frustration, injustice, violence, and crime: should we conclude this all due to economic inequality?
  • Are there more pratical solutions to systems and policies such as capitalism, neoliberalism, and globalism?

I will send you the link of film when you decide do this programm

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