School age Interview,

For this assignment you will interview a school age child who is between the ages of  7 and 11. Make sure you have permission to interview the child.

In the heading of your paper state the gender and age of the child as well as the date, time and location of your interview. 

1. Provide a general description of the child.

2. Ask the child about his/her friends? What does he or she look for in a friend? Does he or she have a best friend? Why is that person his or her best friend? How does this relate to what the book says about friendships during middle childhood?

3. Find out a little about the culture of children. What does the child enjoy doing with his or her friends? etc. Ask the child to share about his or her experience at school.

4. In a sensitive manner, ask the child about the structure of his or her family and how his or her family provides support. Ask the child what he or she does to cope in a difficult situation.

5. Ask the child about bullying? Has he/she ever been a victim of bullying, witnessed bullying, or bullied another child. Based on his or her answer, find out a little more. What does the child think could be done to prevent bullying?

Your interview write-up should be approximately two pages in length, double spaced.

Make sure to be sensitive to the child you are interviewing.

To achieve a high score on this assignment you must apply concepts from the text to your interview write-up rather than just reporting what was said!!

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