scholarly journal or a newspaper topic related to ethical issues, writing homework help

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For this second report, please find an article in a scholarly journal or a newspaper on any topic of your choice related to ethical issues. You
can NOT use an article from a source which is solely online (for
example, from a blog). It must be a newspaper or journal which can also
be found in print. If you are not familiar with scholarly
journals, please read the library resources and/or contact an SPC
librarian with any questions you have about them. You can find articles
by searching the online SPC library databases. Write a 2 paragraph
report in which you summarize the content of the article in the first
paragraph and in the second paragraph, give your reaction to the
article, including your opinions, thoughts, agreement or disagreement,
approval or disapproval and your reasons why.  Then submit your article
report in an appropriate format to this Drop Box.

article report must be at least 250 and no more than 350 words. You
must provide a citation to the article in proper APA format and the link
for where the article was found. You must provide a word count at the
top of your paper.


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