San Jose State University The Theatre History of Egypt Essay

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4-5 pages but 4 is fine plus citation page

my country is Egypt

here is like what it needs to have bc its about the theatre history of Egypt so bring up famous plays

What do we (the class) need to know about the country, the people and their thoughts (world view), and the culture in order for the class to appreciate and understand the text you have chosen? In this section please look into critical historical events, the main philosophical and/ or religious movements (or texts), the political and social ideologies that impact the creation of your text. this reagrding the history of theatre in egypt

  1. This is a research paper. Citations are a must.
  2. Your paper must have a thesis statement that you will investigate throughout the paper. Use quotes to support your arguments and statements
    1. The first section of the paper is the introduction. Present your thesis and what you plan to investigate.
    2. The body: The next several sections are where you present the research that supports your thesis statement.
    3. The conclusion sums up what you have deduced based on the critical research you have conducted.
    4. Citations: Include a citation page following MLA format. This is an additional page and does NOT count towards the page/word count requirement. This is a research paper, therefore, you must list the works you cite. It is expected that you will have at least threecritical works/critical reviews/news articles/ essays in addition to the artist’s work. If you have questions about the validity of a source (particularly a web source) please check with me.
    5. Some tips: Do not use the first person. Avoid repeating yourself. SPELL CHECK and GRAMMAR CHECK your paper

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