Salesclerk to customer trying on a sports jacket:

Evaluate the statements listed below. For each one:

  • Review the steps for basic examination of the source and the characteristics of a trusted source.
  • Then, consider the following claims while asking the question, “Can I trust this person to be telling me the truth or even to know the truth?”
  • For each of these claims, state whether or not you believe the source to be trustworthy.
  • Explain your answer, making certain to use the terminology and information from this lesson. Be specific.


  1. Salesclerk to customer trying on a sports jacket: “That looks great on you.”
  2. Republican political commentator: The $787 billion Obama stimulus package is a flop.”
  3. Person under arrest to police investigator after hearing that if he implicates others he will receive a lighter sentence: “Well, there was Johnnie; it was his idea in the first place.”
  4. Candidate interviewing for a job: “I have a college degree and three years of experience.”
  5. Coworker to new employee: “Everybody uses his or her office computer to play fantasy football.”
  6. Best friend: “You really need to do something about how much you drink at parties.”

Submission Criteria

Write a 1–2-page paper in Word format. Use the following file-naming convention: Lastname_FirstInitial_Week 8_Assignment.doc.

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