Sales presentation

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Imagine that you are the marketing/sales team for a new mobile application. Your company sells this application to service organizations that are interested in capturing instant feedback from their guests at their service establishment.

Only 1 slide is needed. No need for a title slide or conclusion slide. If you use references, please ensure there is a reference slide.

Prepare 1 slide covering the following with speaker notes:

  • Why should the service establishment utilize your app to help address their technological needs?

1. As a team we need to determine some basic features of the APP. This will help us to identify selling points that will be used through out the presentation.

My Thoughts are that the App should be a hotel experience. It can offer freebies to guests that can be used during the stay in order to entice the customers to use the app and anytime they return it will allow the hotel to recognize them. It can also allow a phone to be used as a key for access to the room and will allow for check out without having to come to the desk. Any other thoughts on what should be in the APP please share.

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