Salary increase

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Discussion 7: Salary Increase Choices

Using the Career Profiles website or the Bureau of Labor Statistics website as your source, find the median annual salaries of a job you might consider as career choices based on your future career plans. You may use the job salaries you chose in either Week 1 or Week 2, or you may find a new salary for this week’s discussion forum. Using that salary, answer the following questions:

1. Your employer has told you that you have been doing well, and as a result, would like to offer you a three-year contract. This contract involves a 9% raise over the three years. You have two choices:

First Year

Second Year

Third Year

Choice A




Choice B




Compute the salaries for each of the three years for both choices.

2. Which choice has the greatest cumulative three-year total? Justify your answer by showing your work.

3. You are not particularly happy with either of the two options, but your employer has said she cannot afford more than a 4% raise in any one year or 9% overall. You want to counter with a new offer that would stay within her guidelines but might be better financially for you. Present your offer below, being sure to show your mathematics.

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