Robotic Mission

Astronomers have discovered a new planet that is similar to our terrestrial planets. From the most resent fly-by mission of Planet LV- 123 have shown geological activity and NASA wants to send a lander or a rover.  Your task is to determine what the lander power supply, scientific instruments, science objective and landing location.


  1. Weight is a major issue with landers and rovers, Opportunity is solar powered but only carries ten pounds of scientific instruments whereas Curiosity is nuclear powered and she carries 200 pounds of scientific equipment.  How will you lander be powered and what scientific instruments will you fly? What are your scientific objectives? Costs?


2. There are three possible landing sites to choose from via the fly-by imagery (on backside),  pick a landing site and describe why you want to land there. Must balance science and safety. Also, list some reasons why you did not pick the other two landing locations. Draw a landing ellipse around the precise area where you want the mission to land and an X where you want the lander/rover to perform science objectives.


  1. At your landing site, describe the local geology. What types of geological process are occurring? Can there be water at your location? Was water there in the past?  Why or why not?

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