Risk management skills in 4 hours

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In this Assignment, you will apply the risk management techniques you have learned to a real-life scenario:

Mr. X is a caseworker at the County Human Services Department. One of his clients, Mr. Y, is a young man who presents with many issues. He has been in foster care and is about to age out of the program to live on his own. Mr. X will be assisting him with this transition.

In an effort to connect with his young client, Mr. X accepts Mr. Y’s invitation of friendship on social media. In addition, he provides his agency email address to Mr. Y when he asks if there is not another way to make an appointment than making a telephone call and going through a receptionist.

Shortly thereafter, Mr. Y experiences several disappointing events. He loses his job, and the young woman he was dating tells him she is no longer interested in seeing him. Further, he is struggling to make ends meet and becomes unable to pay the rent on his first apartment.

At his wits end, he makes a vague suicidal threat on Facebook and sends a desperate request to Mr. X to set up an appointment as soon as possible. Out on calls, Mr. X does not check his email or his Facebook account for several days, missing Mr. Y’s cues. His young client is found dead of an overdose of medication he has been prescribed by the Department psychiatrist.

Use the internet and the Kaplan Library to research the implications of this case study under current law and practice expectations. Also review your Reading.

In a 3 page paper, list each of the problematic decisions Mr. X made in this scenario. Analyze each in terms of its effect on the outcome. Indicate other choices he could or should have made. Discuss the implications of this case study that you have learned from your research. Apply the risk management techniques you have learned over the past two units to this case. Do you believe they would likely have led to a different outcome for Mr. Y? For Mr. X? Why or why not?

Thank you!

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