Revise the passage for clarity, cohesion, and grammaticality

One of the most important rhetorical strategies for clarity and cohesion is using sentences of varying lengths. The following description of houses violates this principle. It is stylistically paratactic and lacks linguistic flow. Revise the passage for clarity, cohesion, and grammaticality:

I come from a rural village in India. The village has many houses. Built in the second half of the twentieth century, the houses are made of mud and stone. Mostly, the houses are thatched roofed, which is ideal for summer season. A few of these houses leak during rainy season. While most the houses are two storied, the houses lack electricity and indoor toilets, not to mention a tub and a shower, the convenience of modern homes. The lower level has two rooms, one big and one small. The small room overlooks the vista in the north, the breathtaking mountainous range. The big room opens up to a smaller room, which is used as a kitchen and a dining room. The bigger room is used for bedrooms both for the guests and for family members. The upper level is used for storage. It is a storage room for provisions grown during monsoon and summer seasons.

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