Review the power point and complete assignment

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The assignment requirements come at slide 18 and so on… I have attached the powerpoint. Also make sure to use quotes and explain.

—Explain how “Rappacini’s Daughter” reflects Negative Romanticism.

—When you are done with the above question, think about your final thoughts on Hawthorne. Ultimately, does Hawthorne seem to embrace Negative Romanticism or does he seem to criticize or question it? What perception about the meaning of existence does he seem to hold?

—Mention Morse Peckham, Robert Hume and or GR Thompson in your analysis. Refer to specific explanations from at least one or all of these theorists.

—Refer to at least three quotes from the short story.


—Rely on your own thinking and analysis.

—In a class of twenty two students, I am expecting twenty two different interpretations.

Come up with your own original ideas.

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