Review the Co-Sleeping Point/Counterpoint

Step 1: Review the Co-Sleeping Point/Counterpoint

Chapter 4 of Child and Adolescent Development includes apoint/counterpoint discussion on co-sleeping practices. Begin this assignmentby reviewing the co-sleeping point/counterpoint.

Step 2: Analyze Points and Counterpoints to Form an Argument andRecommendations for Parents

After reviewing the point/counterpoint co-sleeping discussion, write anargument that takes one side of the debate. Are you for or against co-sleepingand why? Support your argument with details about infant development that youlearned in your reading of Lesson Four materials.

Your argument should:

  • Take aclear side.
  • Provideinformation and examples that support your side.
  • Discussthe limitations and dangers of the other side.

After you have constructed your argument, writerecommendations for parents based on the side you take. Drawing from what youknow and believe about co-sleeping, what would you advise parents to do intheir child rearing practices?

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