Resume, cover letter and Thank you note,

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Assignment – Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You Note

  • Due Aug 11 by 11:59pm


  • Submitting a file upload (Turnitin enabled)

This is a three part assignment.

Part One and Part Two: Prepare a resume and cover letter for a specific, targeted position. This position can be one you hope to obtain after graduating, a position you want now as you work on your degree, or an internship position you would like to obtain next summer. NOTE: Your cover letter should be in a written block letter style format (no e-mails).

Do not submit an outdated resume and cover letter, nor a resume and cover letter you used to apply for your major at CWU. Your cover letter should be written persuasively. Remember, you are “selling” yourself! 

Include a copy of the job description as a separate file or as a url in the “Add a Comment” section. Be sure to tailor your cover letter to the job/company and use key words from the job description in your application documents!

Part Three: Assume that you were invited for an interview for the position. You completed the interview and need to write an e-mail thanking the employer representative(s) for the interview. Sending follow-up thank you notes and emails is very important in business communication.  Customers, colleagues and other correspondents appreciate it when you thank them. Many employers expect a thank you email after giving you an interview.  Thus, if you fail to send a note, you may lose the job. 

Be sure to address the thank you note to a specific person or specific people.   You may make up additional details to fit the scenario, as needed. 

See page 346 in your textbook for a few pointers about thank you messages. Remember to state something specific and positive about the interview, such as a particular area that interested you.


Assignments with a Turn-It-In score greater than 15 percent will NOT be accepted and will receive a score of zero. At this point in the quarter you should be accustomed to checking your Turn-It-In score before you submit your assignment, so resubmitting your assignment will not be an option. Your resume and cover letter should be truly unique. While there are common phrases that are used in most resumes or letters, they should be used in moderation (thus the 15 percent allowance). If you find yourself with a Turn-It-in grade greater than 15 percent, then you are not doing enough original work.

Please refer to the rubric to see how your assignment will be graded


Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You Note



Resume, Cover Letter, and Thank You Note











Resume organization – contains critical parts such as education, work experience, skills, etc.




20.0 pts




Resume spelling/grammar




10.0 pts




Resume eye appeal – the format/layout of the document makes it easy to read




10.0 pts




Cover letter spelling/grammar




10.0 pts




Cover letter – correct block letter format used




5.0 pts




Cover letter – persuasive message approach used as outlined in the text




20.0 pts




Cover letter – refers to the fact that a resume is enclosed




5.0 pts




Resume and cover letter “sells” applicant




20.0 pts




Thank You Note organization and content




10.0 pts




Thank You Note – correct e-mail format is used




5.0 pts




Thank You Note – spelling/grammar




5.0 pts


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