Restate argument or thesis, methods, and conclusions

Peer Reviwed Journals

Prompt: For this exercise, you will prepare an annotated bibliography with at least seven (7) citations of peer reviewd journals. An annotation concisely paraphrases the main idea and purpose of the selected resource. The annotation of a scholarly journal should identify the thesis (or research question, or hypothesis), the methods used, and its discussion or conclusions. Remember that identifying the purpose is different task than listing the resource’s content.To be more precise, the annotation should state why the content is there. While constructing your annotations, be sure to include the following critical elements:

  • Restate argument or thesis, methods, and conclusions (1–2 sentences)
  • Evaluate/Critique resource (1–2 sentences)
  • Make connection to your research topic (1–2 sentences)

Guidelines for Submission:Your annotated bibliography must be submitted as a 1–2 page Microsoft Word document with double spacing, 12-point Times New Roman font, one-inch margins, and seven (7) sources cited in APA format.Your chosen sources must be recent (within the last five years),peer-reviewed, scholarly journal articles and should appear in alphabetical order.

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