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meaningful and constructive responses to 2 other students’ news articles. Write 5 sentences or more, for each individual response, that adds to, advances and, expands the discussion

the first one :


B. This news article was about evidence that government officials throughout the United States are not as responsive to black people as they are to whites. Researchers sent about 20,000 emails to local government employees in almost every country. They used commonplace questions such as what time do you open? The emails were the same except the names of the senders were different. Half of the emails came from names that are shown to be linked to black people and the other half came from names that are linked to white people. The people with white names got responded to more and got politer responses than the black individuals.

C. The specific issue being faced by black people in this news article is that they aren’t getting treated fairly. They are getting discriminated against because their name is associated with African American race. This article showed the huge issue facing black people and that is they are not getting treated equally.

D. A theory from chapter 2 of text that could explain the event is racial formation theory.

E. The racial formation theory explains the event because the government believes they can do anything they want. The government has passed laws based on race. Therefore, government employees think they can discriminate against specific races and it is okay. The U.S. government has influenced stereotypes and discrimination. By discriminating against people with black associated names in emails, government employees are shaping the acceptable discrimination against black people.

F. My first question is, how can we make discrimination against races unacceptable?

My second question, what programs can be made so that discrimination can be confronted and fixed?

The second one :


B) Five African American students of an Air Force Academy Prep School in Colorado were targeted as racial slurs were discovered on message boards in their dormitories. In the article, Lt. Gen. Jay B. Silveria delivered a lengthy message to the Academy’s 4,000 cadets and 1,500 staff members about his anger and intolerance for the actions of those who committed the act stating, “If you can’t treat someone from another race, or different color skin, with dignity and respect, then you need to get out.” Lt. Gen. Silveria then relates the racial slurs and acts to events that have happened in Ferguson, Charlottesville, and even the NFL protests of kneeling when the National Anthem is playing, and calls for civil discourse and attention to the power that diversity brings. However, it was not discussed if the students who committed the acts were found and/or what the consequences were for doing so, or what the racial slurs specifically consisted of besides a hint of “go home [racial slur]” that one mother described was written.

C) The specific issue faced by the five African American’s in the academy was the discovery of racial slurs on their message boards in their dormitories. This, however, wasn’t just directed towards those five individuals, but to the African American community in the Academy as a whole. In recent times, the battle African Americans have been fighting between all members and aspects of society, shows that with an event like this taking place, the battle seems to have no end in sight.

D) A theory that can help explain this event is the general idea of Systemic Racism.

E) Systemic Racism encompasses white prejudices, emotions, framing, discriminatory practices, and institutions to guide the long term domination of Americans of color (Feagin, p. 47). Specifically within the third theme, it focuses on the “framed set of ideas and practices that deny Americans of color the privileges, power, opportunities, and rewards that this society offers whites as a group” (Feagin, p. 49). Now, the article didn’t specify who wrote the racial slurs or what their race/ethnicity was, but it doesn’t change the fact that this happened to only African Americans in this Academy and that specific slurs used to describe them were written out on those boards. With Systemic Racism taking place, the individuals who wrote the racial slurs showed their “act of dominance” by instilling their position as superior to those five African Americans. They communicated how African Americans were not meant to have the privileges, opportunities, or power that they have by going to this Academy and receiving the benefits from it in doing so. Again, with the different issues continuing to arise between society and African Americans in the United States, this is proving that racism is not dead and that there are still major issues that need to be addressed and worked on in order to move forward, unite, and function as a whole.

F) My first question is, how can parents find ways to educate their children in accepting the beauty in diversity, treating people with respect, and to understand that they are not above anyone else?

My second question is, what are some ways the Academy can reassure all cadets and staff members that something like this will never happen again?

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