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In Erikson’s theory, there is a lot of experiences that can happen within the first year of being born. Children thrive on the contact we give them whether it is emotional or physical, but both are very important to provide a healthy environment. Food is obviously important to us all and children can develop trust from their parent when a parent is attentive to their needs. When a child is crying or having an issue, the parent responds adding to the trust of comfort of the child.

In Erikson’s theory of autonomy he specifies that toddles begin to explore the world on their own. They become more  independent and start to create personalities of their own. There is a fine balance of patience and understanding and it is important to let the child explore on their own and to be a guidance. If a child were to make a mess, you might not necessarily get angry with them but instead try to make them understand that what they did is bad. When a child is exploring what to wear in the morning, you might allow them to make their own distinction to give them an opportunity to explore and be creative.

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