respond to two students  150 words each and professor (no word count on professor response just answers questions), do not grade or critique work only add to the conversation politely First response

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respond to two students  150 words each and professor (no word count on professor response just answers questions), do not grade or critique work only add to the conversation politely

First response to Jessica

I have chosen topic number 1.

  1. Read the article

    How to Defeat ISIS (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

    . Select at least 3 of the recommendations presented and explain why you think they would be effective or not.  From your view, is this a war of ideologies, media or a ground war? Explain.

After reading the article How to Defeat Isis the three recommendations I think would be effective are as follows..

  1. Enlisting defectors from ISIS so that their stories can be heard publicly. I don’t think there is anything much more powerful than being able to hear real life stories from former members of the group.
  2. Keeping pressure on social media companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Instagram in order to enforce “their own Terms of Use to take down any ISIS material” that may help encourage the use of violence. According to the article there was an instance earlier this year when “Twitter quietly took down 2,000 accounts used by ISIS supporters” (Bergen). However the group has still be found to continue using Twitter and other social media platforms to propagate the message.
  3. Lastly, I think keeping up the current military campaign against ISIS. Just like the article had mentioned I think the less “the ISIS caliphate exists as physical entity, the less the group can claim it is in the Islamic State ” (Bergen). The less the ISIS “caliphate” exists as a physical entity, the less the group can claim it is the “Islamic State” that it purports to be.


Bergen P., (2015). How to defeat ISIS: 10 ideas. CNN National Security Analyst. Retrieved from:

Second response to Dava

I believe this is a war of ideologies that is a ground and media war. I don’t feel the ideology that surrounds ISIS can ever be fully eradicated. However, to be able to reduce the spread of a violent ideology such as ISIS, the media will need to play a big role by censoring what is necessary. Peter Bergen (2015) suggests several different approaches to break down the ISIS network, and ultimately the group. One suggestion that I feel could work is offering “off ramps” to younger recruits who have no known history of violence. This provides a safe option for parents to report a suspected radicalized family member without the retribution of a long prison sentence. Young adults are impressionable; by providing an alternative to prison by utilizing a lessor punishment like probation would help parents make the crucial decision to report their children to the authorities. Another suggestion Bergen makes is holding accountable social media platforms like Twitter that groups like ISIS relies on to promote their violent cause. Social media outlets should “enforce their own Terms of Use” (Bergen, 2015) and make it difficult to post violent propaganda and images. The less that the public can see, the less likely a person who may be interested in joining the cause will be able to view the group and their violent messages. Lastly, Bergen suggests educating Muslim parent of the hidden messages being posted online by ISIS. Education is key! If parents are aware of what may or may not be harmful propaganda, they will be able to have a proper conversation with their children about the misconceptions that ISIS is promoting and the harm and hate they spread.

Bergen, P. (2015, September 28). Opinion. Retrieved from CNN:

Original post to professor

ISIS is an extremist terrorist group that has been causing terror and murder activities across the world. Many people, groups and nations have been fighting hard to see that it is defeated but the group still exists with its roots in the Middle East. There are several mechanisms suggested by Bergen (2015)in the article “How To Defeat ISIS”. One of the suggested solutions is to enlist the ISIS defectors to publicly tell their story. This is a very hard idea that is less likely to happen. This is because once a person joins the ISIS group, they are not allowed to leave at their own will and any attempts make them killed by the leaders. Therefore, finding a defector of ISIS will be very hard and even if they existed, it will be unprofessional and insecure for them to be publicly known because they will be killed by the ISIS members as soon as they are known to reveal their secrets.

Supporting the works of clerics to warn the youths that ISIS does things against Islam is one of the best methods. This is because it helps in reducing or even putting to an end the recruitments of ISIS as well as cutting down the false propaganda that ISIS comes with when recruiting people. The third best suggestion is to keep the pressure on social media companies like facebook and twitter to pull down any material that supports ISIS and encourages terrorism.  This will reduce their level of influence.

War against ISIS is a war against ideologies. This is because the ISIS come with certain convincing ideologies that make the new recruits to hate other people or other religion apart from Islam. They are taught to die in a war for a great reward, among many other ideologies that need to be fought so that the war against ISIS is won.


Bergen P., (2015). How to defeat ISIS: 10 ideas. CNN National Security Analyst. Retrieved from: (Links to an external site.)

Professors response to original post (this is the post to reply to and answer the question)

Regarding the second strategy you discussed, utilizing moderate Muslim clerics as a deterrent against radicalization, how would you propose these clerics be selected, and then, what motivation could American authorities offer to ensure their non-radicalization messages are continued? What are the dangers for these non-moderate clerics in trying to discourage young Muslims from radicalizing and joining forces with ISIS?

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