Respond to each classmate 100 words a piece. Classmate 1 The company I work for has a code of conduct that is outlined in the organization’s employee handbook. Upon getting hired with the organizatio

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Respond to each classmate 100 words a piece.

This is the question they had to answer.

Discuss the development of your firm’s code of conduct (this may require research and interviews) and how employees are trained in the corporate code. Would you alter these in any way if you were developing the firm’s code of conduct?

Classmate 1

The company I work for has a code of conduct that is outlined in the organization’s employee handbook. Upon getting hired with the organization a new employee is required to attend orientation in which the company rules are explained in detail and the code of conduct is reviewed. The code of conduct describes in detail specific behaviors that are unacceptable and should be avoided by all associates within the organization. After completion of new hire orientation, each employee is given a copy of the employee handbook and must sign an acknowledgment form confirming they have read, understand the rules, and that they will abide by these rules for the duration of their employment with the company.

There are a few clauses that I would like to add, that include guidelines specifically for management. The quote from the movie Remember the Titans that “attitude reflects leadership” holds true in any organization. When employees have a manager that does not abide by the company’s code of conduct this can lead to negative attitudes among employees. Leaders in organizations should have their own set of clauses in a code of conduct that they must abide by. Management should be held to a much higher standard regarding a code of conduct. If management is allowed to be exempt from these clauses of a company’s code of conduct this allows opportunities for abuse of power and other negative behaviors within the organization. A code of conduct determines the organization’s commitment to ethical business practices and accountability. It is uncommon to see a code of conduct specifically for management in organizations. For this reason, I would add a specific code of conduct for members of management including, but not limited to abuse of power, conflict of interest, and office politics.

Classmate 2

In the organization in which I am currently employed, a board develops, implements and monitor policies which are better known as the code of conduct. The code of conduct was designed to set the expectation of the employees. They are designed to maintain professionalism and to ensure compassionate service.

During the initial orientation or training process are provided information on the Code of Conduct as well as the code of ethic, policies and procedures. This insures that each employee understand what is expected on a day to day operation of the organization. The orientation and training process last over a three month period.

I am agreement with the code of conduct at my organization. An example of a code of conduct is that an employee shall not use their position to secure privileges or advantages for themselves. Another example would be that the employee shall maintain appropriate and professional relationship with current or former clients. A third example is that the employee shall not accept gifts or favor of a nature to imply any obligation that is inconsistent with the free and objective exercise of their professional responsibility. At any time that a violation of the code of conduct is found the employee can be terminated.

I feel that code of conduct are necessary for all business and organization. Code of conduct helps to maintain balance and structure. Just think about it, without rules and boundaries things would be out of control. Where there is no structure there is no order. My organization ensures that the code of conduct is completed understood, undated training is completed yearly. The yearly updates ensures that everyone understand the rule and expectation clearly.

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