research briefs i only need one brief

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This activity combines the research and discussion for module four. This means that you are expected to do some additional research on the topic before you can post to the forum.

Tensions over the Nile waters are not new. The Blue Nile which originates in Ethiopia supplies most of the waters in the Nile. However, Egypt consumes the vast majority of the Nile waters. Recent tensions between Egypt and Ethiopia (but also involving Sudan and South Sudan) have been around the construction of The Grand Renaissance Dam. While Egypt was in the middle of the uprising, Ethiopia announced the construction of the dam. Once complete, the dam will be much larger than the Aswan High Dam which we covered in this module. Ethiopia is determined to continue the construction. Egypt is determined to stop them.Below are two resources with information on these tensions. Review at least one of these resources. Find and review at least one additional resource on the tensions surrounding the construction of The Grand Renaissance Dam. When you feel you have enough information on the tensions, weigh in on the discussion forum: Which country between Egypt and Ethiopia has a stronger case? This question requires you to be familiar with the main points put forth by each country, carefully reflect on the information you have and take a stand on the issue.  Your own post should comment on what others in the class have said, clearly state your stand on the issue and provide your reasoning (support your stand). Your post should incorporate links to the additional resources (at least one) that you reviewed for this activity.



  1. Research briefs 

    I expect you to write research briefs in a professional, scientific and analytical manner. They should not be reflections or emotional responses. Research briefs are similar to the writing you might do in a short paper; they should have a thesis, a well-developed argument and a conclusion. You will be graded based on the quality of your writing. Some of the prompts will ask for your opinion. Your opinion should be backed by facts and citations. Research briefs should have a minimum of two professional references (journal articles, reports from national or international agencies). Each research brief should be about 500-600 words long. I ONLY NEED ONE BRIEF.

    1. Each post should begin with a clear thesis statement; posts that do not do so will not receive full credit. It should be very clear from your post that you have covered the course material relating to the topic you are writing on, otherwise you will not receive full credit. All posts must be free of spelling or grammatical errors; any post with errors will not receive full credit. In some cases, I will provide a question to direct your ideas. In other cases I will ask you to respond to what was most important to you. If you rely on a publication other than the one the discussion is based on, you must provide a citation (following APA).  

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