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Find a scholarly article on ADD and/or ADHD (No blogs, commercial websites, online non-academic organizational materials, news articles, or popular magazines, allowed — the APUS online library is a good place to look!). Summarize the article in 2 pages of your own words, citing, in APA style, both internally and at the end of your paper, any paraphrasing or quotes (use very few of these). In your concluding paragraph describe what you learned from the article (this is the only part of the paper in which you should offer a personal perspective and are permitted to use first person “I” language).

Please see the attached guidelines for further guidance.

CHFD 411 Article Review Rubric



Article Topic and Source:

Article choice is on an appropriate topic and source used is scholarly in nature. Article is current and has been published in the past 5-7 years


Article summary is clearly written and conveys information about the focus/hypothesis of the research, how the research was conducted and the results of the research.


Review of the article incorporates 3 ideas gained from the article and discusses possible impact of the research


APA format: paper has a proper cover page, Reference page, margins are correct and is double spaced


Writing Mechanics: there are few if any errors in grammar or spelling




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