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Use the following databases/websites to investigate the state where you live and practice.Each state’s health department will provide you with a wealth of information and should be your first resource.

United States Census Bureau

Healthy People 2030 Objectives

Healthy People 2030 Tools for Action

Healthy People 2030 Evidence-Based Resources

County Health Rankings and Roadmaps

AHRQ National Healthcare Quality and Disparities Reports

The Community ToolBox Databases of Best Practices

Center for Disease Control and Prevention

CLIKs: Community-Level Information for Kids

Advocates for Youth

Obesity Prevention

Institute for Healthcare Improvement

National Center for Health Statistics

Behavioral Risk Factors Surveillance System

The Community Guide

After reviewing the websites, use the information to answer the following questions:

What is your county and state? Tarrant County, TX

What is your county’s health ranking in your state (i.e., 18th out of 67)?

Pick a specific population within your county and discuss the overall health of that population (i.e., leading causes of morbidity and mortality, health behaviors, risk factors). Specific poulation-City of Fort worth

What type of targeted health care or health promotion services and programs are needed right now? Utilize information from County Health Rankings and Roadmaps (health behaviors, clinical care, social and economic factors) or other appropriate websites above to support your answer.

What type of services do you believe will be needed in 10 years?

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