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 1.In FtM (Female to Male) transgender hormone treatment, why is there an increased risk of breast cancer in remaining tissue?(1 Point)

2.What is amenorrhea? Describe at least 3 causes, besides pregnancy, including molecular/hormone involvement.(1 Point)

3.Female reproductive cancers include breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and cervical cancer. What are the most common causes of each of these types of cancer?(1 Point)

4.Compare and contrast obstructive vs non-obstructive causes of male infertility. Provide examples of each, including their causes. 

 5.What is the main treatment for prostate cancer, including some side effects of the treatment?(1 Point)

 6.What is Pelvic Inflammatory Disease (PID)?(1 Point)

7.What are the signs and symptoms of PID?(1 Point

)8.What are the Causes of PID?(1 Point)

9.What are the risk factors for PID?


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