Reply to post 1 & 2 with 150 words each.Post 1 (Marwin)Port safety and security personnel have to be diligent at all times and have to very well versatile at what they do. Port security officers, both

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Reply to post 1 & 2 with 150 words each.

Post 1 (Marwin)

Port safety and security personnel have to be diligent at all times and have to very well versatile at what they do. Port security officers, both security guards and law enforcement officers, work at the ports on a daily basis, and over time, they begin to know the people who work there, what is where at all times, who is where at all times and they being a great eye for then something looks out of place. This is key to having great situations awareness and situations readiness. Recently, there were 3 explosions in the Austin, TX area and it was noted that the packages that exploded were not delivered by mail carries and the people who picked up the boxes, brought them in to their house and that is when the packages exploded. This can be the same case for port SA and SR.  By officers noticing something that is out of place, like a package that is sitting in a place where it shouldn’t be, next they activate the emergency response system, which is responsible for handling the situation from this moment on. Situational Awareness and Situational Readiness can either make or break a security operation, but with proper training and experience, potentially bad situations will not go unnoticed. Situation awareness which represents the ability to anticipate what items must be well-prepared for the emergency situation is of the utmost importance for port safety and emergency management. Being achieved by integrating various types of technology, situational awareness as well as situational readiness prepare port safety and emergency management to all the possible situations and the ways of resolving them (ESRI, 2008). Moreover, the information shared in the frameworks of situation awareness, and situational readiness helps visualize the problem issue and facilitate a common operational picture as an event or incident evolves. Being defined as preimpact activities that set-up a state of preparedness to respond to extreme events that could affect a certain community, situational readiness prevents port safety and emergency management from unpleasant surprises and contribute to the continued support of combat readiness (APUS, nd). Would we all agree with that.

Post 2 (Glenn)

Shipyards have numerous hazards that workers need to be aware of.  Workers need to be concerned about heavy machinery and large objects moving around.  They also have to be worried about working near the water and the possibility of falling in. The OSHA video in this week’s lesson plan illustrates several deadly mishaps that have occurred at shipyards (DOL, 2011).  These mishaps included machinery accidents, crane accidents, electrocutions, and drowning.  It illustrates the importance of going over potential hazards and mitigating risks prior to conducting an evolution.  Surveillance technology and drones can be used as an additional safety measure for workers in port facilities.

The container terminal company, APM Terminals, is using drones in their San Antonio and Santiago, Chile inland facilities (Port Technology, 2018).  The drones can provide footage of areas inaccessible to workers such as birds-eye viewpoints.  Drones can also be used during a hazmat release to obtain footage of areas that are dangerous to enter.  Workers, truckers, and visitors need to know that drones are being used in the facility so that they are not accidentally surprised.  The safe use of drones has to be strictly followed.  Drones are a new form of surveillance that personnel can use to monitor facilities. It is important that personnel are trained to take action if they see in safety or security concerns when monitoring surveillance systems.

Using drones is one piece of technology that port facilities can use to enhance their surveillance capabilities. Other ways to improve surveillance capabilities is to use HD cameras, Intelligent Video Analytics, and thermal imaging to obtain quality videos (Scholliers et al., 2016).  These surveillance systems have to be adaptable for use during continue of operations (COOP).  COOP events involve evacuations during emergency situations such as hurricanes and earthquakes.  During an evacuation, essential personnel will have to work offsite in mobile command vehicles. These mobile command vehicles will have access to port databases and be used to manage critical incidents (Sain, 2014).  Linking surveillance systems to offsite mobile commands is necessary for personnel to know what is occurring at the facility during an emergency.

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