Relational Development

Identify a relationship (friendship or romantic), current or past that you believe was moving close to and/or reached the intimacy and trust (relational maintenance) stages. You will write a paper that reflects on and analyzes this relationship with regards to the following three areas:

A. Relational DevelopmentUsing Knapp’s model of the stages of relational development(Note: rely on the handout and model discussed in classoverview)explain each of the various stages of “coming together” in this relationship and identify/describe the communicative behaviorsyou and the other person engaged in throughout each of the stages.

B. Sequence and Satisfaction:Briefly address to what extent you experienced all of the stagesas identified by Knapp, whether you skipped any stages, or whether you experienced the stages in a different sequence. What do you believe the impact of your movement through the stages had on your relational development and satisfaction with the relationship?

C. Relational Maintenance:Identify how you managed one of the dialectical tensions in your relationship (predictabilitynovelty, autonomyconnection, or openness– closedness). If you felt you didn’t manage these tensions wellin the relationshipexplain and describe why not?

Identify and describe one strategy (per the list of maintenance behaviors addressed in the class overview) that you use(d) to “maintain” your relationshipbe sure to provide a concrete illustration of this behavior in your relationship.This paper should be approximately 24pages (make sure you are detailed enough to address the above three areas concretely and specifically). The assignment should be typed, doublespaced, and use 1inch margins.

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