Need assistance with putting together a Technology Based Lesson Plan. Below is the outline of the project:

EDTC600 – Foundations of Technology in Teaching




Envision your students engaged in learning, focused on your content and creating incredible projects demonstrating growth and critical thinking.  What would that experience look like?  This assignment is an opportunity for you to reach for the stars by creating an innovative learning experience for your students.

Over the next few weeks, you will design a technology-infused Project Based Learning experience that will engage, motivate, and inspire your students. Central in your design is the students’ use of technology for learning.

This week we will review the SAMR & TPACK models for project redesign and teaching above the line. This is a perfect opportunity for you to push yourself beyond your boundaries, try something new while you have support and an opportunity to reflect.

The lesson you design should take approximately one to three class periods (secondary school), constitute a unified lesson over one to three days (elementary school), or two to three sessions for other professional learning experiences (business or other learning environments). This lesson will serve as your mid-term examination.

Assignment Objectives

·         Create a differentiated, Project Based Learning Lesson Plan

·         Plan developmentally appropriate standards-based experiences for students that use technology to advance specific student learning in the discipline

·         Analyze and reflect critically upon instructional strategies and technology integration

Peer Review Process

The purpose of the peer review process, during Weeks 4-6, is to collaborate with others, improve upon your lesson planning, learn from your classmates’ ideas, and to enhance your feedback skills.

1. By the end of Week 5 (Saturday, 6/23, 11:59PM EST), post a link to the Google Document draft of your lesson plan within the corresponding Discussion Thread.

2. By the middle of Week 6 (Thursday, 6/28, 11:59PM EST), use the Peer Review Form to provide constructive feedback to two of your classmates Lesson Plan drafts.

3. By the end of Week 6 (Saturday, 6/30, 11:59PM EST), submit your Lesson Plan along with the Peer Reviews you completed. You may provide links or a downloaded version of your Peer Reviews.


I have provided an Annotated Lesson Plan form to guide your development.  Make sure you incorporate all the elements in the Annotated Lesson Plan Form PDF(PDF) or Annotated Lesson Plan word doc.  I suggest you use this document as a template, delete my notes and directions and fill out all required sections.

You may use your favorite software, app or website to create your lesson plan. For instance, you may select a tool such as: VoicethreadWizerTes, or a similar tool to upload the Lesson Plan template. You can see sample lesson plans, HERE and Here, too.


It is important to review the scoring rubric to determine the assessment criteria for the Lesson Plan. Refer to the rubric when you provide peer feedback, and integrate the specific lesson plan criteria in the essay portions of the assignment: Lesson Plan Rubric

Technology Integration 

The technology must be integrated into the lesson to enhance or support student learning in the subject and  grade level you teach or designated as your subject and grade level for this class. Students must use technology in some way. You, as teacher may also use technology. The technology can be Web-based, an educational software program (other than Microsoft Word or PowerPoint), or other instructional technology of your choosing. Consider using software from your review assignment.  You can view sample lesson plans a. HERE. and b. Here, too

The lesson should also support some aspect(s) of 21st Century Skillsand higher order thinking skills. For example, how does your lesson plan and technology integration help students activate their creativity, innovation, problem solving skills, decision making or collaborative abilities? I also recommend you review our previous discussions for ideas.The activities and procedures must be clear enough that if you were to hand your lesson plan to other teachers, they would be able to implement your plan. You may use bullets for the activities if you wish. Analysis and reflection should be in essay form.

Additional Information to Consider

A key goal of the lesson plan is for you to explore new strategies or ideas for advancing student learning through technology. As I’ve discussed before, be sure to create an “Active Learning” situation where they are applying content to create new ideas and new understandings.  Be sure to use at least one Higher Order Thinking Skill objective.  (here is a list of examples of HOTS verbs) What do I mean by new or a stretch? My goal for this course is for you to expand your understanding of technology integration and to learn strategies to improve your teaching and student learning. We all begin from different places but we can all grow.Therefore, if you have taught a particular unit before, I ask that you improve the unit through technology integration (Think SAMR model and consider are you teaching above the line). What instructional problem can technology help you to solve? If you frequently use technology, how might you use technology differently or more effectively to advance student learning?  If you are using a teacher’s guide in some way, how might you expand upon the textbook’s ideas in important ways.  As graduate students, you are charged with original thinking. The best option is to develop an entirely new lesson. However, you may also use ideas from others (for example, a lesson suggested by your county, providing you adapt substantially the lesson plan you find to make it your own). If you use any ideas from others in your lesson plan, in your analysis and reflection you must explain clearly how and why you used the resources you did, what you changed, and what you learned by using and changing them. Additionally, you must cite what you have “borrowed” by including in-text citation, quotation marks where warranted, and references. If you have any questions about what I mean by new, by substantial change or by proper citation, please ask.You may not use work you created from another class unless you and I have a conversation, and you can convince me that you are significantly changing and improving upon something and give me a copy of your prior lesson.You are in control of your own learning, so I ask you to think about how you might benefit the most from this assignment.

Tips for Success

Push yourself beyond your boundaries!  This course is about extending your understanding and ability to use technology to enhance the learning process. Take advantage of this opportunity to push yourself beyond your boundaries, try something new in your teaching by using new tools, techniques or project we discuss.  During this  course you will have design support and feedback opportunities to aid in the design process.

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