Reflective Postscript,

Course Project Reflective Postscript

DeVry University

Adebayo Mike Adeniyi

Professor Jill Onega

Course Project Reflective Postscript

                There were many topics I found interesting and was curious to write about. But after careful elimination, I selected the topic I felt most called out to me. I choose texting and driving because many people do it and the results are not always the best and I personally have an experience with texting and driving accidents, and honestly, I do find the topic more interesting even after researching and devoting eight weeks to the topic. In the beginning, I was a bit overwhelmed since it was a very broad topic and I was unsure where to start my research. After conducting all my research, I find that it is a very important topic that many do not know the danger around it. I do plan to further research this topic and see what organizations could use this information I have found and let the world know the dangers of it. I would like to know other ways to reduce such actions and help save more lives.

                There are many skills I have learned from this class .I learned how to properly cite in APA format with in-text citations. How you properly cite when there is no author, date, or some information is missing. I now understand how necessary APA is in college level writings. I also learned how to properly conduct research and what is considered not only reliable but creditable as well. I take away from this course knowing how to properly perform peer reviews. I found each week we learned something new that built on other TCO’s which all assisted in writing the research paper.  Lastly, I enjoyed having my paper reviewed by my peers, each providing different insights into how I could improve my paper.

                After receiving my peer reviews back I did utilize the feedback that was given. Most of the feedback I received pointed out grammatical errors and spacing errors made around my graphical image, which was very helpful. I felt these were important changes to make in order to properly write my paper a professional paper.

Yes, I did feel that peer reviewing the work of my classmates aided me in understanding diverse points of view. I learned not only other writing styles, but I also learned more on the topics in which they were writing. In reviewing their work, I was able to see areas I needed to work on in my paper. What I found most interesting was each had a different way of approaching the topic and what can be done to fix the issue. I could see how some topics would be hard to research if you feel too personally invested in the topic. It was in reading their work that I realized that I needed to change my conclusion to improve my ideas in which the topic can be corrected.

Most definitely the works of my classmates provided me additional writing strategies because each was so different. My classmates did an excellent job writing their papers. I also was able to learn from each of them about the different topics, some of which I did not realize were as important as they are. I did notice the errors in their writing, which I provided feedback. I also noticed how on occasions adding too many graphical images could be distracting. I found an importance of going back through and re-reading your work and checking for errors. I saw the usefulness in knowing the difference between informative paper and an argumentative paper. Most importantly, I learned how to be more organized, researched, and have a properly cited argument than an opinionated conversation.

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