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Go to The Police Chief’s Website and read the article entitled, “Proactive
Patrolling through the Use of Patrol Scripts,” located at
Be prepared to discuss.

From your perspective, determine the most significant problem preventing
recruiters from obtaining a viable applicant pool.  Justify your
From the e-Activity, give an example of a situation where scripted patrols
would be favored over random patrols.  Next, provide one (1) disadvantage of
having scripted patrols over random patrols.  Justify your response.

Respond to the following statement:

It would be my option that many
problems recruiters face steam from the limited search range. Even the non-stand
qualifications that very department to department or state to state. I even
believe some of the test that is designed to figure out if a candidate has
mental issues or racist to even name a few are flawed. Although they are able to
gain some key information from these tests they are not setup to detect
deception. I believe that not all candidates with higher education are the most

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