Read the article and write

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  1. Read the article “Brett Couldn’t Hold Him Lady Ashley, Pedro Romero, and The Madrid Sequence by Donald Daiker” 在新窗口中查看
  2. Title your paper with an interesting title that may serve as the title for your formal paper.
  3. Write a short introductory paragraph that informs your reader the name of the text you will be reading, the author, and finally the text, which your article critiques and the name of the primary text’s author.
  4. In your own words write three short statements (bullet points i.e. 1-3) ( you may use more than one sentence per statement) that highlight the article’s three main points.
  5. In your own words write a short statement referencing one of the rhetorical strategy that you feel the author is using
  6. Use a quotation from the article to support your argument for the rhetorical device you have selected.
  7. Your paper must be between 200-250 words (try not to go over briefer is better)
  8. Use of good grammar and spelling is assumed.
  9. Include your name and the date and word count.
  10. Please use MLA citations and include a works cited page for your article and the primary text. (You must cite both the primary text and the critical article as part of this assignment)
  11. No outside sources will be allowed other than the primary text and the above article.
  12. I will deduct ½ point per missing word.

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