Read description (Practicum II) WK 7 discussion

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**Write a reflection for each. Should be at least a paragraph or more. Make sure to label your response according to each prompt. Therefore I can know which prompt you’re responding too.

** Answer both prompts separately

***The reflections should authentically reflect your experiences in the educational setting.


L. Describe your experiences and your role in building relationships with teachers, parent(s)/guardian(s), administrators, staff, and outside agencies.

G. Describe your experiences working with LGBTQ+ students. What are ways that you are demonstrating awareness and empowerment?

DUE Wednesday June 14, 2023 11:00 PM USA 


****** Absolutely NO Plagiarism***All writing must be original 

****NO using writing or COPYING FROM COURSE HERO

***** My Instructor checks for plagiarism on Turn It In and on Safe assign

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