Read article and answer following questions:

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Read the following Chapter

Muus Psychoanalytic Theory of Adol Dev PDF

Then complete the following exercise:

1-Choose 3 defense mechanisms identified by Freudian theory as outlined in the Muus chapter. Define the three chosen defense mechanisms in your own words. Please make sure to write complete sentences and please write legibly. (Make sure you fully understand the defense mech you are choosing and relate it accurately to the following section of this assignment).

2- Then, having understood the use of “your” defense mechanisms, come up with three different adolescent conflicts/challenges scenarios (i.e., describe 3 different scenarios) and then describe how the adolescent may use this defense mechanism to address these conflicts/challenges (i.e., how does the DM help the adolescent). An example of a conflict may be a divorce, peer rejection, confused sexuality/experience, etc.

Type this up as a paper 🙂

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