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To Whom Ever this may concern

                My only piece of evidence that I dropped this class are texts messages between me and my classmates discussing how we needed to drop the course do to an overload of courses we were taking and needed to reduce the load in order to not affect our GPA because the classes were stressing us out, our home works were excessive and exams and quizzes were numerous. Taking this into consideration I decided to drop this course on 2/8/2016 Fall semester online on campus. Attached is a copy of the text message between my Classsmate Tracy Hines and I. My attendance from the start of the semester till my drop day 2/8/16 would be described as satisfactory, throughout my numerous semester at CCP I have not once registered for classes took a loan out to pay for it that I would later have to pay back to Salie May to just not attend it knowing fully well that I would receive an F grade that would hinder my chances of entering into a program or university of my choosing. If I were a side kick or a magician or had some super powers to see ahead into the future when I dropped the course that it would register as not dropped and I would get an F and go through this I would have took a picture of the web drop box and screen shot the page for evidence. But as I am sincerely sorry I am only human and did not see this coming to take either of those actions. I sincerely hope my texts messages and my attendance till my drop date of 2/8/16 is satisfactory enough to have this class removed from my transcript so that I may continue my education without further delay.

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