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Read the two background articles in Pages and then read some of the more recent information produced by some creative Internet searches (“older fathers” would be a good place to start) and then 1) post your findings and 2) answers to the following questions below in bold letters. Please write one to two pages.I will upload the Articles Phase one and Phase two.

In keeping with one of the major themes of your text, “making choices,” we will be sharing ideas this week on the choice to have or refrain from having children, based on the ages of the prospective parents. In the past, women have supposedly had a “ticking clock” time frame when it came to having babies, but men could father children with impunity (and not infrequently with great bravado) for as long as they wanted.

For several years, however, some legitimate research has been emerging that strongly indicates a significant link between the children of older fathers (perhaps the result of sperm having been produced by an aging reproductive system) and the development of schizophrenia (and perhaps some other psychological deficiencies as well).

Phase One: To get us started and provide a brief historical perspective, I have posted a couple of the earlier studies in Pages.They should be read prior to moving to the next phase of this topic.

Phase Two: Recently there have been published reports of research linking the age of the father to increased chance of autism (with even the potential influence of grandfathers being subjected to scrutiny!) and some derivative maladies as well.


Were you aware of any of this research? If so, what was the source? Do you think the general public is aware? If not, why not? Do you think that men and women will have different reactions to these studies? Would you be inclined to take this research into account in your own reproductive decisions, or to share it with pertinent friends and relatives? Overall, what are your thoughts on this issue?

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