Rasmussen University Increase Motivation for Two Employees Business Paper

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  1. Discuss the leadership style you feel would be the most effective in managing and motivating each employee. This would be the leadership style that YOU would use when dealing with that employee. Use the two leadership style articles in the readings and the 4 Leadership Styles we discussed toward the end of the Live Classroom session. Be sure to explain your reasons for choosing the leadership style you chose for each employee.
  2. From the readings, choose the theory of motivation that you believe would be most effective to use with each employee and explain your reasons. We discussed 4 motivation theories during the Live Classroom session (Maslow’s Hierarchy, Herzberg’s Two Factor Theory, McClelland’s Acquired Needs Theory, and McGregor’s Theory X and Theory Y.) There is an article in the Readings that covers additional Motivation Theories that you could use.
  3. Describe how each of these employees would relate to that motivation theory that you chose for them.
  4. Determine two ways that you might motivate each employee. Your existing budget does not allow you to offer raises, and there are no open positions above these employees’ positions at this time, so promotions would not be an option. In addition, you cannot offer benefits like health insurance, vacation days, or retirement plans because those are not rewards based on the employee’s performance. They are part of the company benefit package and are offered to every full-time employee. Discuss in specific detail your motivation strategies for each employee, and explain why you think your motivators would be effective.

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