Ramapo College of New Jersey Wk 8 World Cinema Movements Discussion

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– 1 paragraph analyzing anything you find noteworthy about the weekly screening (full-length film). If you wish to write additional analysis to include one or more of the weekly clips, that’s great.

screening: Rashomon (Links to an external site.) (1950, Akira Kurosawa)

clips: Ugetsu (Links to an external site.) -1953 (clip 1, “Opening”)

Ugetsu (Links to an external site.) -1953 (clip 2, “Market”)


– 1 paragraph with analysis of the week’s readings – for example, you could elaborate on a concept you found interesting or argue against a concept in the readings.

Reading: “The Ontology of the Photographic Image,” Andre Bazin (from What Is Cinema? vol. 1)

– Do not summarize the lecture content, the readings, or the films’ plots. Write about things you can analyze. For example: you could write about how a film uses a visual storytelling device like subjective camera or editing. If you are ever struggling for an idea, begin with the leading questions on the worksheet. Avoid writing reviews; that is a whole other style of writing.

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