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This is a paragraph for each question so I hope it sounds easy for ya. You don’t have to write a long paragraph just I am looking forward a well answered questions. I would like to inform you what I did in class’s questions are 1-How does globalization impact you personally? 2-What is the relationship between state and non-state actors? 3-What impact has technology had on globalization? 4-What are the positive and negative effects of globalization? 5-For social rights our group talked about education?! 6-we talked about how parental rights should not take over the rights of human rights even if the child is too young to access these rights?Religious Freedom? 7-When would you become a terrorist? 8-Assimilation is essential for any country in order to have an immigrant population that participates in society? Why is that? 9- What would you do if Seattle Isolation Experiment? Focus on resources? 10-indigenous people how to negotiate with them to use their resources? 11-How would you Resolving terrorism, especially when you come from a completely different society? In order to make peace? This all what we covered in class I am just trying to give you an idea just a paragraph per question.

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