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Assignment Preparation: Activities include independent student reading and research.


Prepare a 3 to 4 page paper in APA format that describes the following.

Select one, and only one, nonfunctional property or quality attribute for your paper and describe what it is and it purpose.

Next, Describe/Discuss the benefits and drawbacks of your selected nonfunctional property or quality attribute.

Finally, Describe/Discuss how choosing one technology, which could make use of the property/quality, over another technology, would satisfy this nonfunctional property or quality attribute.

Use appropriate external citations and references (minimum of 3), in addition to including internal references to the required readings where relevant (at least 1), within the assignmentBe sure citations and references follow the University approved style guide format (the Written Assignments Guidelines, along with properly cited APA references). Please Note: Dictionary and Encyclopedia citations and references will not count towards your reference/citation count.  Refer to the Instructor Policies to identify External and Internal references.


The paper must be completely authentic and original work, must comply with all APA guidelines, use a minimum of 3 external citations and references, and be in a Microsoft Word formatted document. 

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