Quality and Safety

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Quality and Safety

NURS : Quality and Safety in Nursing

Synthesis Paper

The purpose of this assignment is to synthesize your knowledge of quality and safety in healthcare. You will use your knowledge of the Quality and Safety Education in Nursing (QSEN) competencies to analyze the status of your work unit related to quality and safety issues. This will give you practice in applying the competencies in a meaningful way and to see your work unit through new eyes.

Format Instructions:

· APA format required. Please use the Blackboard link “APA 7th Edition Resources and Writing Center” to familiarize yourself with the changes incorporated in the new 7th edition.

· Include a title page and reference page.

A running head is not required,
only a page number in the top right corner. Be sure the page number font is the consistent with the font used throughout the paper.

· Do
NOT use headings for this paper.

· Expected length: 5-6 pages – no more than 6 pages.

· Include a minimum of 9 professional references –
one reference minimum each for numbers 1-8 below. For #9 you may use the Waters Center Habits of a Systems Thinker as the reference.

· You may use personal pronouns such as I, you, or we.

The paper will include the following sections:

· Introduction (the introduction summarizes and “tells us what you are going to tell us in the paper”):
5 points

· Body of the paper: Each of the following ten concepts are to be addressed in a separate paragraph (minimum ten paragraphs).
100 points possible total for this section

· For each element, define the concept
in your own words.

· Describe the strengths and weaknesses in your work unit for each element.

1. Safety
10 points

2. Quality improvement
10 points

3. Patient-centered care
10 points

4. Evidence-based practice
10 points

5. Teamwork
10 points

6. Informatics
10 points

7. Human Factors
10 points

8. Include a paragraph on your personal ethical responsibility as a nurse related to these concepts in general. You may find the ANA Code of Ethics to be a good resource here. You do not need to address each element specifically.
10 points

9. Include a paragraph on how using systems thinking enhances a focus on improving quality and safety.
10 points

10. Address how an individual nurse might intervene to address safety problems in your unit.
10 points

· Conclusion: (the conclusion summarizes and “tells us what you told us in the paper”).
5 points

· Reference page:
10 points (these points include a minimum of 9 references as noted above, in-text citation, title page format, and reference list, proper grammar and sentence structure).

Revised 5.16.2022

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