Qualitative, quantitative, and systematic review

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1) You will search 3 literature in databases for ONE qualitative article, ONE quantitative article, and ONE  Systematic Review article that was published within 5 years of today’s date, is peer-reviewed, and is related to your PICOT/clinical question. Reminder: All peer-reviewed research articles have methods, discussion, and results sections. Be careful not to submit a mixed research study which is a mix of both quantitative and qualitative elements or an EBP or QI project report.

2)Ensure that you are using a PICOT topic (Nursing Staffing and Patient Safety: Shiftwork). Read the first few sentences of the methods section of your articles to assess what type of article you have. And make sure that the article you chose can answer your PICOT/clinical question. 

3) Do not begin your research until you review the (How to Identify Research Design/Methodology flow chart) posted below. 

4) Mixed methods studies are not allowed for this assignment and are identified by reading the first few sentences in the Methods section.
5) Systematic review articles are not to be submitted as quantitative or qualitative articles. These can be easily confused with primary quantitative research articles. They have also been published in peer-reviewed journals but seek to synthesize and summarize the work of a particular sub-field rather than report on new results. Review articles will often lack a “Materials and Methods” section. 

Start here
Is the study design
listed in the article
title or abstract?


Congrats! You have

identified the study
design. Article meets
assignment criteria.

Does the article

have a ‘Methods’


This is secondary research.
Article does not meet
assignment criteria.


Does the method
section describe

how to gather other
articles or search

through databases
to locate other

published work?


This is a literature
review, systematic
review and meta-

analysis. Article meets
the assignment



Does the article
employ the use of

an interview,
oberservation or


Does the article use
a quantitative

analyses or employ
the use of stastical



Does the article
employ the use of

analyses or stastical



Congrats! This a
quantitative research
study. Article meets
assignment criteria.


This is a qualitative
article. Article

meets the



This is a mixed-methods
study. Article does not
meet the assignment


NO This is not a research
study. Article does not

meet assignment criteria.

How To Identify Research Design/Methodology

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